Building my website with TowerBuilder

TowerBuilder is a system to generate websites with data visualizations that mix open contracting and beneficial ownership data, all without requiring programming knowledge. It is designed to follow the money in large contracting processes and has been used in both big public works and in medicine procurement

What do I need to create my own TowerBuilder website?

  • Get an OCDS-format contracting list.
  • Create a spreadsheet shared with contracting businesses owners.
  • Write and edit text in MarkDown format.
  • A account.

What are the advantages of creating websites using TowerBuilder?

  • Default design doesn’t require any coding or web hosting, everything is done in
  • Visually impressive data visualization and a useful contracting search system.
  • If you already have the data, you’ll be able to create your website within minutes.
  • Highly customizable design.
  • You can use open data from your country’s government and show how useful the open contracting standard (OCDS) is for journalism.

If, during this process you find anything to be difficult, you can try again in 15 minutes, check our Errors and Corrections section, or ask for help.

Launched projects

Contact us to add your project created with TowerBuilder through the following e-mail address:




Iframe versions

Tower Builder has versions that can be inserted as an iframe in other websites:

Visualization or slider iframe: